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InterLinked is a platform that's all about sharing and improving ideas. Whether it's documenting something you've done or hashing out an endeavor in progress, we can help you share your ideas with the world.

What makes InterLinked different? Glad you asked! Once upon a time, the web was accessible, and it was widely considered to be a melting pot of ideas and participatory exchanges. In recent years, however, something's changed. Now, web bloat, user tracking, and aggrivating user interfaces are the norm. A handful of companies control the dialogue that takes place. What changed?

The InterLinked Manifesto

InterLinked strongly believes in the original philosophies behind the world wide web, and we are committed to bringing that experience to all. We work hard to make our platform accessible to everyone — this means no bloat. We believe that our dial-up users deserve the same first-class experience that fast-broadband users get. How do we do it? Simple — by serving up what you want, and not what you don't want.

We don't store excessive or unnecessary data about our users. We don't use individualized or black-box algorithms that target our users. We believe in an environment which is intellectually independent and free of third-party influence, and this means you can be confident in an ethical and independent experience. We believe in empowering our users.

Sound too good to be true? We get it. Other platforms will say the same thing and do another thing behind your backs. But here, we're all about projects and participation. There's no ulterior profit motive, and no hidden agenda. We missed the days when you could do something cool for others on the web, just for the sake of it — so we decided to bring them back. What was once old is now new again.

Like what we do? If you want to support our mission, consider donating to the cause. Donations go towards servers and talent, so we can continue to bring you cool content and improve the ways that we do so.

InterLinked is also the main website of a conglomerate of tech-related sites. When we say conglomerate, we really mean it. The InterLinked Network spans the breadth of the technological spectrum, from telegraphy to modern day web development. InterLinked encompasses the past, present, and future — all in one place! InterLinked Pages houses some of our stuff.

InterLinked is all about the connectivity that exists outside of connectivity. InterLinked is about using technology to engage and connect, not disconnect. InterLinked is an atmosphere of tradition, nostalgia, and innovation. Who said you can't have your cake and eat it too?

From its humble origins in 2015 as a mockup venue to showcase projects to the world, InterLinked has grown to become a fully-fledged network of sites — all interconnected (or should we say, interlinked?), and finally into a fully-functioning content-sharing platform. Here, you'll find an array of helpful resources — and content not available anywhere else on the web.

So, whether you're just here for a moment, or here for life, stop and look around. You may find just what you're looking for. You may find just what you've always been looking for. You may find something you've never looked for but, now that you've found it, are glad you found.

At InterLinked, everyone is welcome, including you! (As long as you're an earthling, that is.)

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