What is InterLinked?
InterLinked is a new approach on an old concept. It's a place where people can connect, inspire and be inspired, and share ideas with one another. We believe in making lightweight and accessible platforms without sacrificing form or function. We believe in a sanctuary from the bloat and tracking that characterizes so much of the rest of the web today.
Is InterLinked a social media site?
You mean a platform that's home to daily rants and back and forth banter between partisan politicans? No, it's not — we believe in construction, not destruction…
So, what can a project be?
Almost anything you want, as long as you've got an idea! It could be merely an idea for which you would like to seek community input or something you've started implementing and want to solicit feedback on. You might be seeking criticism and suggestions or an outlet to showcase and promote. The kinds of projects and the intentions behind them can vary, and we intentionally leave it open-ended.
What are the implications here for intellectual property?
We claim no credit for the content posted here, and we don't aim to stifle creativity, either. Collaborative improvement of projects and ideas through user interaction is encouraged. Project creators, however, are ultimately responsible for their own intellectual property. This might not be the best place to hash out your proprietary, closed-source, commercial application.
Where happened to your old projects?
Our old content can be find on the Pages page.
Where is InterLinked located?
This website was proudly made in the United States of America.

User Interface & Site Operation

Why don't get I notified when somebody comments on my project?
To receive notifications about one of your own projects, you'll need to subscribe to it just like any other user might. This is an intentional balance of control and convenience. Rather than force you to receive notifications about all of your projects (or none of them), we let you control which ones you want to receive notifications about. You can also look at your profile page any time and see your projects sorted by last activity for a quick glance at 'what's hot' on the site.
Why does a project indicate recent activity when the creator hasn't edited it?
Activity also encompasses comments on those projects. This means that users who subscribe to projects are notified if either the owner makes a modification or somebody posts a comment.
I watched a project category, but it doesn't appear on my homepage. Why is that?
To economize on space, if you've watched a project category that doesn't contain any public projects, the tile for that category won't even appear on your homepage. It's still being watched, though — as soon as there are projects available in that category, the tile for that category will appear on your homepage.
I voted for a project, but my vote doesn't seem to be reflected.
You cannot vote for your own projects.
Why does a user's net votes not correspond to the sum of the votes on his projects?
Net votes include all votes across all projects a user has, including those that are unlisted or private. Inactive projects do not contribute to net votes. Thus, publicly displayed projects may not account for all the votes factored into a user's net vote score.
What does 'Regenerate Key' do?
The key regeneration feature allows you to regenerate the key for an unlisted project. This changes the URL for the project immediately, which decomissions the old URL entirely — this means people you've shared the project with may no longer be able to access it! Thus, you should not regenerate a project's key unless you would like to invalidate the URL you've previously shared. While this may seem like a security feature, please note that registered users who have subscribed to your project will continue to receive updates and will be able to see your project in their subscription list, regardless of how many times you regenerate your project's key. Also note that the key regeneration feature is only available for unlisted projects — not for public or private projects. Note that regenerating a project key will also reset the view count for the page to 0.


For how long does the Remember Me feature remember me?
For 30 days, although you can log out at any time. After 30 days, you will need to log in again. While it's possible to continue to extend the lifetime of cookies each time the site is used, we believe this offers the best balance of security and convenience.
Can I change my username?
No. You are not allowed to change your username, so please choose yours carefully. If you have an important reason to change your username, please contact a site administrator with your request. Note that username change requests must be handled by administrators, not moderators.
Why are there so many options I can customize?
We believe that user choice is a good thing. We aim to allow users to customize their experience and control their settings as much as possible.

Security & Privacy

Do you allow two-factor authentication?
No, and this is intentional. Two-factor authentication alone is not an adequate safety precaution. A strong and unique password is essential, and we also provide users with tools to monitor suspicious activity. Many two-factor mechanisms are simply insecure (e.g. SMS), and if somebody can log in to your account, he probably can access your email as well. For this reason, we do not allow two-factor authentication, as it usually provides merely the illusion of security without the benefit.
What information do you store about users?
InterLinked does not extract data about its users. We store only the minimal amount of data required in order to make this site function well for you. This includes data you provide to us in your account portal to personalize your site experience as well as cookies to maintain session state (that's how the Remember Me feature works!). We do not store other data about our users, and we certainly don't sell anything to third parties. This means less overhead for us and a better experience for you.
Why does this site feel so simple?
We strongly believe that sometimes less is more. Modern platforms do their best to slow down your experience with much unneeded bloated content. Not us. We write all of our code ourselves for a minimalist codebase and maximal simplicity. This means minimal JavaScript, minimal server queries, and no unneeded resources loaded. We believe the web should be accessible to all, including those who continue to use dial-up Internet connections. We make the user experience pleasant and enjoyable without overdoing it. Enjoy!
This site seems simple… should I be worried about security?
You should always be worried about security, and know that we take security very seriously. We use modern web development techniques and use the latest industry-grade security protocols. You'd be surprised how many large Internet platforms or sites store your passwords in plain text. We don't. That means if you forget your password, you can't get it back (you can reset your password, though). We also require HTTPS connections to our site to protect all data in transit.
While we believe in security, we don't believe in pointlessly annoying our users. That's why we have minimal password requirements. You're not required to include Greek symbols or squirrel noises in your password. Length contributes significantly to password entropy, so use a long and secure password that you'll remember.
Does this site contain advertising?
No, this site does not contain advertising. We realize that in choosing not to do so, we forgo significant advertising revenue. We choose not to allow advertisements for two main reasons. The first reason is this goes against out accessibility principle of making our site accessible to all, especially those on slower connections. You could use an adblocker and just block our ads, but why play cat and mouse with our users? It doesn't feel right. Advertisements detract from site accessibility and user experience, so we don't include ads.
The second reason is more one of principle than practice. The web is full of ads today, and many other platforms now treat expression like commodities to be bought and sold. In order to protect and preserve the intellectual freedom of this site, we don't allow third-party advertising.
So, how does InterLinked make money?
We don't. Our mission is providing a valuable platform to our users and we strongly believe in that. We rely on donations and sponsors to keep our platform going. If you've found something of value here, please consider donating or sponsoring us. Thanks — we really appreciate it!