InterLinked is proud to bring you a number of unique APIs you may or may not find anywhere else!

Below, you can find a list of InterLinked's APIs and usage instructions. Personal usage of our APIs is free. Commercial use requires permission.

InterLinked maintains no guarantee of accuracy or reliability of our APIs and is not liable for the any consequences of usages of our APIs.

Song Release Year

Ever wondered what year a particular song was released?

This API will let you know approximately what year pretty much any song was released. All you need to do is feed in the name and artist of the song.

This API does not always work, as you can imagine this is a difficult task. From extensive testing, it works about 80%-85% of the time. It will either spit back the correct year, the wrong year, some class of error, or nothing at all.

Usage Instructions


Optional parameter: specify fpr=true to limit results to years 1979 and older, like so:


Example Usage:

https://interlinked.cf/api/year/?title=venus&artist=bananarama → 1986

https://interlinked.cf/api/year/?title=venus&artist=shocking%20blue → 1970

https://interlinked.cf/api/year/?title=like%20a%20rolling%20stone&artist=bob%20dylan → 1965

Obviously, these are a few examples of the API working. You can expect it to be less reliable when feeding it songs of which many versions or covers exist. Beyond that, it will sometimes fail for seemingly no reason.

We are letting users know up front this is not 100% reliable and only works about 8 or 9 out of 10 times. This is used internally to provide "nice to know" information about songs playing on radio stations. We are making it available to the public, but with the stipulation that you do not expect it to work for every single song, as our algorithims are not 100% exhaustive.

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