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The project of all projects...


In 2015, we envisioned a platform where users could share their projects and receive feedback, ideas, and inspiration from others. We've taken those ideas and transformed them into a platform that is truly unique - one that is lightweight and accessible, yet features the functionality needed for a platform of innovation.

How It Works

Users can create "projects" to showcase their original ideas and projects. What might this include? Projects can come in many forms:

Why It Works

The web is incredibly rich medium, with lots of opportunities for people to interact with each other and their ideas. We believe that lots of untapped potential exists on the web, and that's why we're excited to offer this platform, free of charge.

But wait, what's the catch?

There is no catch! We know, we know - that sounds good to be true. But we're not a for-profit company, and every change we make is to better serve our users, with services and content that continue to inspire and build a better web - and a better world. If we can help you do that, too - that's the biggest reward there can be!

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