InterLinked Web Test

A tool that checks your website for common security issues



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Tech | Created 8/28/2020 5:03 PM | Last Activity 8/28/2020 5:03 PM


InterLinked Web Test

InterLinked Web Test is a fast and free test you can use to scan your website for common security issues with easy fixes. It's similar to some tools that are already out there, like the Mozilla Observatory and Security Headers, but it gives web developers and security evaluators another tool for their toolboxes.


The test itself takes only a few seconds, and you can get started hassle-free - no registration required: just plug in your site and click "Scan". We'll provide you with a detailed assessment of various security factors with helpful explanations, information, hints, recommended configurations, and an evaluation of your current website's implementation. Additionally, you can compare your site with other sites to get an idea of how your site's security shapes up.


Digital security is more important today than ever before. We were inspired by a few existing tools out there which we used to evaluate the security of our own websites, and we developed our own tool to combine some of the varying functionality and information. We're making this tool publicly available, because everybody benefits from a more secure web. We've also added links to other tests you can use to evaluate your site.


While this tool won't check for many important security issues, as those depend on your internal implementation, they can help you take easy precautions to protect your site and your users from malicious activity.

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