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This site aims to breathe new life into Microsoft Windows Live by acting as a support portal for all the Windows Live products you knew and loved, such as Live Mail and Live Messenger, before social media, artificial intelligence and music streaming services seized control of our lives. With the right knowledge and tools in your arsenal, these icons of days gone by can still be used today. This site will show you how! Anyone is allowed to freely contribute to this site with how to guides, tips and tricks, workarounds, fixes and any other materials they may have. What’s more, this site is designed with the blind in mind, so those without eyesight can put in their 2 cents and experience what this awesome site has to offer. So, without further ado, let’s keep the nostalgia alive… with Win Live Revive!

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7/16/2021 2:41 PM — InterLinked

Site doesn't seem to work anymore... is this still a thing?